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Program Details

Public Speaking is one of the most important life skills. Students in many communities do not receive training surrounding public speaking and as a result, children grow-up without the confidence to voice their views and opinions. A lack of confidence can lead to sub-par academic achievement and limited growth prospects by adulthood. The UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) Article 12 acknowledges every child's right to express their views, feelings, and wishes, and has recognized ‘The Right to Participate’ as a critical aspect in children’s growth. 

I have developed a 3-session program for middle and high schoolers. Through this course, students learn to express themselves, speak clearly and confidently, understand persuasive techniques, be introduced to the fundamentals of argumentation, and develop research/writing skills through a variety of activities, lectures, and hands-on practice. By the end of the course, students are be more in touch with not only themselves but the environment around them. They are also be provided with methods to maintain these skills beyond the digital/physical classroom space. 

Class 1

GOALS: introduce teacher, get to know students, students create and present 60 second ‘commercial’ about themselves by end of class (connecting students with themselves)

Class 3

GOALS: Students understand the influence of media and give a news report on current day events (connect students with environment around them)

Class 2

GOALS: introductions, students understand how to effectively develop and convey opinions (general skill building)

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